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Addiction to watching pornography has become a common occurrence during the past years due to the prevalence of the Internet, which has made the process of accessing these visual materials easier compared to the past, and the danger of this addictive behavior lies in the fact that most of those with it refuse to admit that it is addictive in the first place, while others - who are aware Truth - Ashamed to admit his problem.
Many studies and statistics have reported that the percentage of pornography viewers around the world is constantly increasing, and in light of the transformation of this danger into a common phenomenon, there are several questions that must be asked, in the forefront of which is this type of addiction, what are its risks, and how can porn addiction be treated and eliminated completely .
Addiction to watching pornography or addiction to graphic porn is known as one of the behavioral addictions patterns that dominate the afflicted with an urgent desire to watch visual material that stimulates instincts in all its forms. The incidence of this type of addiction has increased in recent years - especially among young people and adolescents - as a result of the spread The Internet and the absence of censorship, but this does not mean that it is limited to that age group only, but that a large proportion of adults suffer from the same.
Of course, not everyone who practices this act is classified as an addict, but rather this happens when he undergoes some behavioral changes that indicate porn addiction, which usually appear gradually, starting from spending long and continuous hours watching this type of content with the loss of the ability to abstain from it despite Repetition, even a tendency to isolation or sexual violence, and other serious complications from the effect of porn addiction on the brain
The results of the study conducted by the Kinsey Institute in 2002 showed that at least 9% of porn viewers turn into addicts and are unable to abstain from it, but despite this, the causes of porn addiction have not been accurately identified so far, but some studies have linked it to a number of Other studies have linked porn addiction with other types of behavioral addictions, especially Internet addiction.
Porn addiction leads to:
1-Sexual health problems
2-Tendency to aggression
3-Depressive episodes
4-Loss of self-confidence
And this is not only what may cause problems for a porn addict, those are psychological problems only, there are many health problems due to the fact that watching porn is followed by several things such as a bad habit and this causes damage to the retina, imbalance in the functions of brain cells and a lot of damage
be cerfull !!!! Porn companies have many methods that force you to visit their sites or view their products. One of the most famous of these methods is "pop-up windows." Have you recently noticed that when you browse any site you find pop-up windows Beware !! Often these windows are links to their sites and when you enter this link you will start your journey into the path of addiction And also one of the most popular methods is Posters that are placed on the sites There is a lot that has been prepared for you to become addicted to porn so beware
Of course he can Everything in life is done by our will, and we are the ones who control all our actions If you want to stop, your decision must come from within you, and you must be fully convinced that if it is a shame to admit this problem, then it is an honor for you to think about solving it. I know it is difficult, but your life is worth it

There are a few steps you can take to get you to stop:
1-You must trust yourself and know that you are capable and that these things do not control you, but you are the one who controls them
2-You should use harmful website blocking software
3-Do not sit alone or in the dark because this helps your mind to think about it
4-Do not be ashamed to help, the shame is that you continue with this while you know that it is a bad thing, so if you need help, just ask for it and believe me, your life deserves your initiative.
Of course you will face difficulties, but you have the ability and will Often you will stop for a while and come back again "Don't worry" This is very normal, but if you stumble, get up again and continue your way until you return to watch This only requires your will and does not say negative words to yourself, only optimism
The addict does not take a long time to stop completely There is a period called withdrawal symptoms in the average period ranges from 3 to 10 days. This is the most difficult period in the stopping journey and once you pass it you will be able to stop for life

This is the most famous book on the harms of porn

There are many more, but this is the most famous of them by "Gary Wilson." And he is the most famous of them because he is not only talking about the psychological harms of porn, but about the problems he faces with society, his family and friends, and how they destroy relationships It also gives you methods of treatment Therefore we recommend it

Our community will help you in the treatment completely and there will also be someone who supports you and helps you in changing your life from the worst to the better, but if you have a will
Do not worry, the conversations will be encrypted, and no one will be able to divulge your secret to anyone, and do not worry we will be your friends, not healers.

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